Area Attractions

What to see and do in the Lowman area and Beyond

Hot Springs

There are numerous natural hot springs within minutes of the Sourdough. They range from very close to the highway to hours away on remote forest roads. With so many options to choose from, the Sourdough provides you the freedom to explore all day with a comfortable spot to rest and eat after a long day of soaking. Listed are the local hot springs and how far they are from us:

• Kirkham Hot Springs: 5 Minutes
• Bonneville: 10 Minutes
• Pine Flats: 20 Minutes
• Sacagawea: 30 Minutes
• Boat Box: 45 Minutes
• Bear Valley: 2 Hours

Idaho Natural Hot Springs

The Payette River

The South Fork of the Payette River flows through Lowman from Grandjean all the way to the confluence of the North Fork at Banks. These rivers offer many summer recreation options like whitewater rafting, fishing, swimming, and relaxing. If you are after the excitment of whitewater, here is a list of the local rafting guides that offer a selection of trips:

• Payette River Company (Lowman)
• Idaho Whitewater Unlimited (Garden Valley)
• Bear Valley (Banks)

Payette River Idaho

stanley & the sawtooth wilderness

Just 45 minutes up Highway 21 is the town of Stanley, best known for its iconic location at the base of the Sawtooth Mountains. The grand beauty of this extremely rugged mountain range has been compared to the Teton Range and the Dolomites of Italy. There are a number of things to do in Stanley and the surrounding area:

• Redfish Lake & Lodge
• Camping Trips
• Hiking & Overnight Backpacking Trips
• Fishing the Salmon River
• Exploring the White Clouds
• Ketchum & Sun Valley

Stanley Idaho Salmon River

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